Production of games has really slowed, but I updated with 2 older games.

A lot of games coming. I have a habit of not finishing some, so watch out for that. So:

-Soccer game, 5v5, online play

-Tetris-esque Puzzle Game

-Stylized Arcade shooter with online high score table

- Talks of a 3D racing game

Been a long time since an update. Death game is up. Game making has slowed down. I have a lot of incomplete projects and school, so...

Another Special Ops update and Orange Muffin affiliate is now Prophecy Productions. The Special Ops update now has Capture the Mark game mode, so have at it.

Special Ops has been re-uploaded with many updates. Check it out.

There is a new game up, please check it out. That makes a total of 3 new games. Soon I will have an average user rating for each game.

The new look is completed, soon I will have all new games up! Thanks to Oosband for the banner.

I'm taking down the games section. I will be completely redoing my site, and am putting up ALL original games. The sprites and such will be all original.